Yankee Stadium – A Wonder In The World Of Baseball

If you’re a Yankee fan, you would know how amazing the Yankee Stadium is. Located in the Bronx, the Stadium is one of the largest fields for Major Baseball Leagues. 

However, it’s not an old site. It is actually a replacement for the original Yankee Stadium. So, in a way, you could say the newer – the better. 

The Yankee Stadium has an interesting history that needs to be explored. Not only that, being the second largest stadium for the MLB, it enjoys certain perks that you won’t find in other stadiums. Let’s see what the Yankee Stadium has in store for you.

The Stadium And Its Design

The Yankee Stadium was planned to look the same as the original one. However, a few amendments had to be made to make it more attractive than the other stadiums. If you’ve been to the old stadium, you will notice that the look of both the stadiums is a little similar. However, that’s about it. 

The interior of the Yankee Stadium is much more advanced than the older version. The Stadium is adorned with larger dimensions, more seats, and luxury suites.

The Great Hall And The Monument Park

If you were looking forward to knowing more about the Yankee Stadium, you should definitely know about this. The interior and the exterior aren’t the only features that depict the importance of the Stadium. There is also the Great Hall. 

The Great Hall is an astounding space filled with stardom and stars. It has banners, LED displays, and ribbons that show what stars among the Yankees made it big. These stars are old and new and are a memoir for anyone who passes through that hall. 

Monument Park is another place in the Yankee Stadium that fans adore. The Park will show you the achievements of past stars and how great they were before passing on their legacy. 

Other Events In The Yankee Stadium

Just because the Yankee Stadium is renowned in the sport of baseball, doesn’t mean it’s closed to other sports. While the field is built for Baseball, its features make it possible for other sport games and events to be hosted on that location. 

These sports include soccer, ice hockey, and other events like concerts. After all, that huge space should be utilized in other seasons too. Not only does this serve as a major source of revenue for the Stadium but also allows many non-baseball fans to experience the Yankee Stadium.

If you’re not a baseball fan, there’s a good chance you would now be running off to the Yankee Stadium any time soon. But, if you get the opportunity to visit it, don’t waste it. 

You’ll be amazed at what a simple Stadium could make you passionate about. Maybe it would be baseball. Maybe it would be the love for the building and the open space of the Stadium. Either way, it is bound to lure you in with its magnificence. Don’t try to resist the magic of the Yankee Stadium.