The Magnificent Wave Hill

The Hudson River is famous in all kinds of art forms. Wave Hill is something that goes along with the Hudson River and is hard to ignore when you pass by it. Large estates and mansions are something that catches everyone’s attention.

Everyone wants to live in one large castle-like place, where you can run around or simply wander aimlessly. Wave Hill is exactly like the castle-like place you dream of. Contrary to its name, Wave Hill is an estate and not a hill. However, it is located on Hudson Hill in the Bronx. What makes Wave Hill so special apart from its manor? Let’s find out. 

Wave Hill’s History

While the Wave Hill house was built for the purpose of residence as a mansion in 1843, the purpose soon changed. It was expanded with beautiful gardens and grounds. Later in the years, the property was rented by numerous famous people to spend time in. This included Theodore Roosevelt and Mark Twain. 

Due to its rich history, the Wave Hill House was included in the list of historic sites and open for people to visit. It became so popular that it is not one of the most visited sites in the city! But what do people do when they visit Wave Hill House? Here’s an overview:

Visit The Gardens

Wave Hill House has many gardens that appeal to different tastes. However, all of them will probably take away your breath with their beauty. The Pergola Garden will remind you of the spring with all its vibrant colors. The Hudson River is also a major factor that appeals the visitors. 

Similarly, the Flower Garden has a range that is difficult to match by any other garden. The colors and the variety are something you can observe for the rest of your life. And the Herb and Dry Gardens can fix you in a matter of minutes with all its medical properties. 

All these gardens of Wave Hill House open a world of greenery to its visitors. It’s hard to remember that it’s not the only thing the House offers.

Explore The Exhibitions And Take Opportunities

Wave Hill house has also been the host location for many art exhibitions and performances. The site is now a major contributor to the art space with its venue. Apart from providing the space, Wave Hill also provides many young artists the opportunity to explore their passion. How? Through their open call that takes place annually. Once the artwork is reviewed, the artists’ contribution is displayed in their exhibitions right there in Wave Hill House. 

With all the amazing sites and artwork that you can observe at Wave Hill, you might be tempted to take something home. Like a souvenir. That’s not a problem at all. You can simply visit the Perkins Visitors Center and shop from there. 

You are bound to find a hundred things you like. Just control your urge to spend, and make sure you take something memorable home. You will have your memories and a souvenir to keep from the magnificent Wave Hill.