Things To Do At The Van Cortlandt Park

If you’re in the Bronx, you should know that there are plenty of locations for you to visit and enjoy. You will find that one of the largest parks present in New York is the Cortlandt Park, with multiple things for you to do. So, if you’re looking for something fun and adventurous, you should head on to this location. 

Things To Do At The Van Cortlandt Park

What can you do at Van Cortlandt Park? It is safe to say that there is a range of activities for you to do here. From going on a tour to the Van Cortlandt House to going on a trail in the park, there is plenty that this location has to offer. 

  • Get A Tour Of The Van Cortlandt House 

There is a historical site present in the park through which it has gotten its name. The Van Cortlandt House was built in about 1748-1749, which is perhaps one of the oldest historical locations for you to visit. You can easily get access to a range of tours for the location as it is one of the more sought-after places to visit. The location is quite the landmark and gets plenty of visitors regularly

  • Visit One Of The Oldest Golf Course

Not only does it has historical architecture present in the area, but you will find that there is also the presence of one of the oldest golf courses in the United States. With the golf course having been built in around 1895, you get easy access to this location as well. It is one of a kind and you will find that there is much that you get to do here as well. 

  • Go On A Trail

Now, one of the more iconic things that you get to do here is going on a trail. You will find that it covers a National Historic Landmark trail called the Old Croton Aqueduct. This is a renowned location for many to come and trail here. More than that, you will find the route to go alongside the city’s water tunnel as well. 

Things To Do Near The Van Cortlandt Park

While there are plenty of things to do within Van Cortlandt Park, you should know that there are plenty of more things to do outside of it as well. There are quite a few renowned places for you to visit, including the following. 

  • Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park is close to Van Cortland Park, so you will be able to make sure to get the best of every park in the corner. 

  • Hall Of Fame For Great Americans

You will find that there is a hall of fame present close by the park that has all of the greatest and famous Bronx natives. 

  • Little Italy In The Bronx

Indulge in a range of Italian cuisine in this corner of the Bronx. You will find this to be fairly close to the park as well. 

Enjoy your time spent inside the Van Cortlandt park and outside as well. There is a lot for you to do here, and you’re sure to have the time of your life in the city.