Little Italy In The Bronx – Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever wanted to visit Italy? To do something like the Romans do? Some things aren’t meant to be, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream. If you have wanted to visit Italy but never could, try something smaller. Like Little Italy!

Little Italy is right here in the Bronx. Any local could guide you to the location and you can experience the Italian culture on your own. After all, that is what New York is home to – experiences of the world!

Here’s everything you need to know about Little Italy in the Bronx:

The Italian Neighborhood Of Bronx

Little Italy in the Bronx is a friendly neighborhood that gives you the complete Italy experience right here in New York. People often call Arthur Avenue the center of Little Italy, but Beaumont Avenue is also located. 

What makes the neighborhood Italian? Mainly the food and the history. Let’s talk about those for some time. 

The History

Most of Little Italy’s architecture is very similarly built to the ones in Italy. This little wonder came to be because of Italian immigrants settling in the town in the 1850s. This Italian heritage benefitted New York’s community as they can now have access to what the Italians did.

Little Italy in the Bronx has not only made an appearance in numerous movies but has also been featured in novels and writings. Even Lady Gaga’s music video featured the American-Italian neighborhood. 

The Food

Something that makes the foundation of Little Italy is the food. The Italian neighborhood gained its reputation because of the divine treats its eateries allowed their customers. Little Italy is brimming with all sorts of bakeries, cafes, and delis. 

Some of the best foods you can get in Little Italy are the same ones Italians are famous for Pizzas, Pasta, and Bread. Be sure to visit some of the eateries in Little Bronx, your mouth will water simply from the aroma of the street. What’s more?

If you wish to explore the neighborhood, feel free to wander into the Arthur Avenue retail market which will give you everything you need. 

Little Italy in the Bronx is a place where people go to experience what the Italian heritage was like. If you couldn’t go to Italy, the Italians simply brought Italy to New York. It’s a small neighborhood, but it serves the purpose of adding value and beauty to the city. The best part of it all is that there are many other attractions you can visit in Little Italy. This can be the Bronx Zoo or Fordham University. It is worth trying it all out.

The most unique feature of Little Italy is that it is not artificial. It is a monument that tells the story of what used to be. It tells the story of the people that lived there and the life they had. They are sharing this life with the people of the Bronx. And this is exactly why Little Italy in the Bronx deserves a visit from you!