Italian Desserts

Want to experience home-made authentic Italian desserts prepared according to the original recipes? You’ve come to the right place because Gerbasi Ristorante serves the most authentic Italian desserts in the Bronx. We brought Italy’s original Italian dessert recipes to Arthur Avenue for everyone to enjoy.

Our menu is packed with some of the tastiest desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, allowing you to indulge in the Italian culture and the wonders of Italian cuisine. Our original Italian desserts come with a little American twist, so they will be like nothing you’ve tasted before. Here are just a few of our favorite Italian desserts.

Ricotta Cheese Cake

Made using sweet and creamy ricotta cheese, this delicious dessert combines the best ingredients in a tasty dish that appeals to grownups and kids. The history of Ricotta Cheese dates back to the second millennium BC, and the recipe is borrowed from grandma’s cookbook.
This is our traditional Italian cheesecake, which is fluffier and creamier than the American version. The smooth Ricotta Cheese makes this dessert one you just should not miss!


Tiramisu has a naughty history because the buttery texture of the home-made ladyfingers and the coffee’s fresh aroma will definitely improve your mood. The name literally translates to “lift me up,” and our recipe comes straight from Italy to make your day a lot better.

Sometime between the 1960s and 1970s, Tiramisu was invented in Veneto as a new and decadent dessert that quickly became popular across the globe. At Gerbasi Ristorante, you’ll enjoy your fresh Tiramisu with a unique twist that will keep you coming back for more.

Limoncello Cake

Sweet, tangy, fluffy, and refreshing. These are just a few ways to describe our authentic Limoncello Cake. The soft cake and the lemony zest combine together in a luscious mixture, and the Limoncello syrup comes straight from the Gulf of Naples for the right dish to end your meal at Gerbasi Ristorante.

The ingredients blend in perfect balance, so you can taste the lemony zest without being overpowered by the taste. The Limoncello has a fresh and slightly floral flavor to brighten up your day.


Peter Clemenza said, “Leave the gun. Take the Cannoli,” and he was right because our Cannoli is not to be missed. Historians date the Cannoli back to the ninth century, where the concubines of the princes in Caltanissetta wanted to invent a tasty dessert to impress them. Italian bakeries have been serving Cannoli for decades, and the fluffy dough is sweetened with powdered sugar. Our Cannoli is freshly made, so you will enjoy a light dessert that feels soft and creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside. This dessert is the perfect choice for those who like desserts that aren’t overly sweet.

Panna Cotta

The fluffy texture and creamy taste of the Panna Cotta make it one of the most famous Italian desserts. Kids and grownups have been coming for our home-made Panna Cotta for years because we follow grandma’s recipe to bring the authentic Italian taste to you. The simplicity of this dish makes it a tasty addition to your meal.

Our Panna Cotta has a rich texture because it’s made of heavy cream combined with sugar. It feels like a cloud of pleasure melting in your mouth and will definitely make you one of the regulars at Gerbasi Ristorante.

Our menu also includes several flavors of ice cream and sorbet. They are sourced from the best suppliers in the US to bring the tastiest dishes to your table.

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