Classic Italian Dishes Everyone Should Try

Enjoying recipes right from grandma’s kitchen is possible at Gerbasi Ristorante. We take pride in serving classic Italian dishes everyone should try. The Italian cuisine is full of rich flavors that will take you through a trip, where you can enjoy the favorable aromas, delicious combinations of color, and unique tastes that are nowhere to be found.

At Gerbasi Ristorante, the old mixes with the new as each dish is prepared with love, so you can enjoy an exceptional taste that will keep you coming back for more. Explore the mouth-watering items on the menu and decide on your next dish.

Take a look at the featured classic Italian dishes proudly served by Gerbasi Ristorante.

Chicken Dishes

Chicken represents a crucial part of Italian cuisine. At Gerbasi Ristorante, chicken dishes are mixed with fresh ingredients and unique marinades that will take the taste to a new level.

Chicken Marsala

This classic dish will tackle your tastebuds, thanks to the creamy sauce of mushrooms, heavy cream, and marsala wine. Enjoy the slightly sweet flavor with the rich, creamy texture in a dish that looks and tastes special.

Chicken Portofino

Perfect for special occasions, this tasty dish combines the tasty flavors of chicken and shrimps in rich white wine creamy sauce. Without overwhelming you with too many ingredients, this is a dish that you’ll definitely fall in love with.

Fish Dishes

Fish is the main ingredient in many Italian dishes, and at Gerbasi Ristorante, you’ll be able to enjoy the real flavors of the Mediterranean Sea in dishes that were made while paying attention to every detail. Since the sea is never too far away, you can indulge in our special fish dishes to enjoy a special flavor every single time.

Zuppa di Pesce

Start your meal with our delicious fish stew, which combines fresh fish with earthy flavors to create a superb blend. The Italian aroma is evident in every spoon, and you’ll feel that you’re enjoying your meal by the sea.

Brandon Piccata

White wine, fish, and chicken broth create the perfect mix in this hearty yet exceptional dish. This is a dish that looks as exceptional as it tastes.

Meat Dishes

Want to know how the Italians cook their meat? You’re in luck as our chef has introduced some of the most exceptional meat dishes to the menu, so you can enjoy them at Gerbasi Ristorante.

Veal Scaloppine Saltimbocca

Directly from Rome, the tender veal cuts are evenly cooked for a sweet and creamy taste. The intense flavors of the prosciutto and sage will take this dish to a new level.

Veal Osso Buco

This is a specialty of the Lombard cuisine, where the cross-cut veal cuts are braised in white wine, broth, and vegetables. The slow cooking method will make the meat fall right off the bones, so you can enjoy a taste that can’t be enjoyed anywhere else.

Visit Gerbasi Ristorante to Try Our Classic Italian Dishes Everyone Should Try

Every time you choose to visit Gerbasi Ristorante, you’re in for a once in a lifetime experience, as our dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients that enhance the taste, flavor, and aroma.

Our dishes are made from scratch and our ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible. You’ll find all your favourite pasta dishes as well as some unique creations you are sure to love! It’s not just about what we serve but also how we treat you when you come to visit us. That’s why we have one of the best customer service teams around who will make sure your experience at Gerbasi Ristorante is nothing short of amazing!

We take pride in offering classic Italian dishes everyone should try in our lunch, dinner and dessert menus. Don’t miss your chance and book your table today.