Arthur Avenue Restaurants’ Outdoor Dining

Dining Delights with Italy on the Menu!

There is nothing on earth quite like an Italian meal, or maybe a little seafood, perhaps even an Italian feast in Arthur Avenue’s sunshine, located in the Bronx’s Little Italy.  

With its plethora of restaurants on offer, the Bronx’s Arthur Avenue is definitely the place to head to for its fantastic atmosphere, fantastic food, and sensational shopping.

But indeed, nothing is more unique than the renowned Italian restaurant Gerbasi  Ristorante, which is simply one of the best for authentic outdoor Italian dining, which would make even Nonna proud. 

Those special, sweltering days, where the barometer can make it well past 24C, when we all rush to the nearest beer garden, rooftop restaurant, or even pavement outside a bar, in desperation to make the most of being able to sit outside for our lunch or dinner finding a restaurant which can offer you sanctuary, is perfection. 

Arthur Avenue has many restaurants and dining options that make it the perfect place to combine a bit of culture with a bit of culinary delight…

Summertime is precious when the livin’ is easy, and perhaps even more so than ever, with the pandemic disrupting our essential down-time.  A swathe of the Bronx’s Arthur Avenue has been transformed into a continental-style outdoor dining area that will enable you to eat al fresco – so check out what your outdoor dining options are.

Arthur Avenue’s Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining has been such a big hit since Covid, in particular, and it’s here to stay with the added extra of social distancing, enabling this way of outdoor eating more popular than ever.

Its popularity is such that it’s therefore essential you choose the right place to go in Arthur Avenue for that special meal, in case you wind up disappointed.  So where to book? Believe it or not, the Bronx is home to a surprising number of under-the-radar outdoor restaurant spaces in Arthur Avenue, which are ideal spots that are perfect for sunglasses, clinking ice, and three Italian vino-fuelled courses. You just need to know where to head to – whatever the weather! 

Luckily for you then, the very best al fresco Italian restaurants are located in the Bronx’s  Arthur Avenue, which has an abundance of outdoor dining options to offer during these strange, socially distanced times. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

So, whether you fancy fresh pasta or want to linger over a negroni and bombolini, you’ll be spoilt for choice at one of the numbers of outdoor Italian dining restaurants on offer in Arthur Avenue, starting with Gerbasi Ristorante.

The Bronx’s Arthur Avenue has long been the home of Italians with generations of families having established popular restaurants which are nestled between the retail shops, the excellent Italian market with everything from sausages to olive oil, and with a little bit more in-between, the New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo. These restaurants offer authentic American/Italian specialties are a significant hit with both regulars and tourists alike, not just for their food but for their superb outdoor dining.

Arthur Avenue’s Gerbasi Ristorante offers ample outdoor seating which will inevitably be extended throughout the summer months so, if you fancy a plate of Clams Oreganata or Chicken Scarpariello, perhaps a Lasagna Bolognese then topping that feast off with a sumptuous serving of spumoni, an Italian gelato specialty, while enjoying some rays, then you know where to go.

This New York neighborhood is chocca with different dining options, from the expected red-sauce joints and sugar-dusted cannolis to more recent comings such as the savory Albanian pastries and incredible Puerto Rican Mexican fare – there’s literally a taste for every palate. Scattered along are some stunning historical sights. Keep in mind that eating at every restaurant is not advised — save some room for dinner, the big meal at one of the best Italian restaurants there – Gerbasi Ristorante, of course with its fantastic outdoor dining area. 

Keeping the Italian Flag Flying…

What makes Gerbasi’s stand-out from the madding crowd is their beautiful outdoor dining option.

You can literally soak up not just the rays, the Italian wine, and sauces but also the sights of Arthur Avenue itself, which works as the backdrop to the whole of Arthur Avenue.

With its brightly colored chairs and red and lovely tablecloths, you can be forgiven for thinking you’ve flown right into the heart of Italy.

If you wish to enjoy a delicious Italian meal al fresco, then come join us at  Gerbasi Ristorante. You’ll be glad you did!